The First Pillar of Health – Fruits and Vegetables

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First Pillar of HealthOver the last 10 years, I have provided a two page handout to  my patients.   I update it every few months with the latest health information. I call it   “Dr. Madrid’s 13 pillars of health”.

Like most doctors, I have limited time with my patients so I needed to find a way to convey useful information to my patients as efficiently as possible.  Over the next month,   I will be sharing  each of my  13 Pillars of Health, one by one, as unique blog posts. My hope is that this information is useful as you seek wellness and work towards improving your overall health.

The First Pillar of Health

EAT MORE FRUITS, VEGETABLES, preferably organic.  Eat foods that die, as NY Times best selling author, Michael Pollan advises.  While a little more expensive up front, they will save you money in the long run.  Those with healthier diets are less likely to develop  cancer, diabetes and heart disease, all which can be expensive.

For example, eat at least 1 carrot, a banana,  an apple, an orange and a handful of grapes daily.

Unless you are on a Keto diet or Paleo diet, eat beans ,  examples include pinto beans, black beans, and kidney beans. Lentils are also a good food to consume regularly.

Consume greens  daily such as a salads, spinach, kale and more.  Eat all you want! There is no maximum.  However, limit your salad dressing. Oil & vinegar is best in my opinion.

Do this, you will stay full and lose weight, if that is your goal.  These foods will also lower your blood sugar  high blood pressure  and are part of the  DASH DIET.  A diet rich in  plant based  foods is important for chronic disease prevention and to help with management of diabetes and high blood pressure.

Also, familiarize yourself with the EWGs  “Clean 15  and Dirty Dozen” and  learn which fruits & vegetables should be purchased organic.


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