Second Pillar of Health- Avoid White Powders

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Second Pillar of Health

Over the last decade, I have provided together a two page handout to  my patients. I call it   “Dr. Madrid’s 13 pillars of health”.   In a prior article, I discuss the First Pillar of Health. This article discusses my Second Pillar of Health.

Like most doctors, I have limited time with my patients so I needed to find a way to convey useful information to my patients as efficiently as possible.  Over the next month,   I will be sharing  each of my 13 Pillars of Health, one by one, as unique articles.

Second Pillar of Health

AVOID white powders, of all types.

  • No white bread!
  • No white sugar!
  • No white flour!

The wheat products we have available today is not the same as that our grandparents ate.  It has been modified and the nutrients (Vitamins B1, B2, B3, Folic Acid, calcium, zinc, Vitamin E) removed.  These white powders are  processed, bleached and “fortified” back with minimal nutrients. In addition, these substances are known as  simple carbohydrates, which when eaten,  break down into sugar, which ultimately becomes stored as fat.  This is the main reason  two in three Americans and many others around the world are labeled overweight or obese.

If you choose to eat bread, eat whole ground wheat bread. Personally, I recommend Ezekiel bread.  

Also, avoid white pastas. If you want a nice Italian dinner, you should use brown whole grain pasta or a vegetable based pasta, both which have a lower glycemic index and help prevent your blood sugar from spiking.

When one’s blood sugar becomes elevated, this will cause  insulin levels to spike.  Insulin is the hormone the pancreas secretes in response to intake of sugar and  simple carbohydrates.  Continued  production of insulin, leads to weight gain.   This is a reason low carbohydrate diets, such as the keto diet and paleo diet,  have become popular in those seeking to lose weight.

In my opinion, those with diabetes should really avoid breads and white pastas all together. Should one eat them, they should be done very rarely.

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